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Spencer Abraham P'19

Chairman and CEO

As America’s 10th Secretary of Energy, Secretary Abraham began his tenure in 2001 in the midst of a severe energy crisis that included the California blackouts, declining domestic energy supplies, and insufficient international energy trade opportunities. Under his leadership, the Department of Energy conducted a number of important short and long-term studies of world oil, gas, electricity, and other markets.

Prior to being a Cabinet Member, Secretary Abraham served as an effective and highly productive U.S. Senator from Michigan for six years. In the Senate, he was a member of the Senate Commerce, Judiciary and Budget Committees and served as Chairman of the Senate Immigration Subcommittee and the Senate Commerce Subcommittee on Manufacturing and Competitiveness.

He was also a senior official in the administration of former President George H. W. Bush as Deputy Chief of Staff to the Vice President.

(201) 893-7700

Spencer Abraham P'19
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