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Julie Oglivie '99

Founder & President

As a California-licensed attorney with a Master’s in Ecology and knack for finance, she is uniquely suited to aid clients on a wide range of matters. Ms. Ogilvie has more than 15 years of experience supporting a diverse array of clients and industries, including energy, utilities, transportation, water, wastewater, private development, government and the military.

Ms. Ogilvie has supported projects through various stages of planning, permitting, implementation, and post-implementation, allowing her to understand the direct implications of decisions made in the planning stage, or of terms negotiated in mitigation measures and permit conditions.

Her areas of focus include environmental planning, waters and wetlands permitting, endangered species consultations, the unique-energy permitting process, environmental compliance tracking and reporting, and project management of multi-million dollar projects with multi-disciplinary teams.

Julie Oglivie '99
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